Algebrakit founder interviewed on Netherlands Enterprise Agency website

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Algebrakit founder, Martijn Slob, was interviewed for a case study on the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The article is in Dutch but here are some highlights translated into English.

Our technology improves math education around the world.

Martijn Slob, Founder of Algebrakit

Mathematics is one of the most important school subjects in the world. But many students struggle with it. That is why Martijn Slob founded Algebrakit, a digital tool that works step-by-step, making it effective and unique.

Algebrakit is a breakthrough in e-learning for mathematics, but there is still room for further development. We are currently working on ways to make it easier for authors to create new problems. We are also working on handwriting recognition to make it easier for students to work out problems by hand. We are also looking at deploying  our technology on other subjects such as physics and economics.

Access the original article in Dutch here

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