About Algebrakit

We have a passion for

Mathematics, Education, and Technology

”I started Algebrakit when I noticed that for new material, students got stuck on skills they should already have mastered. As a teacher I was unable to help everyone appropriately. As an engineer, I saw an opportunity to create a solution that could really help.”

Martijn Slob – Founder

What we believe

What is the best approach to learning mathematics? While there may not be a single answer, elements such as a high-quality curriculum, a safe learning environment, and trained educators play vital roles.

At Algebrakit, we believe technology can significantly contribute to math education. Tools that unlock digital enhancements—such as multi-step problem-solving with personalized support, unlimited practice opportunities, and automated sub-step scoring—are challenging to develop. This is why we have made it our mission to create and perfect these tools.

However, we also understand that technology alone cannot ‘solve’ education. That’s why we offer our tools to support and enhance other learning products. Today, Algebrakit is utilized worldwide for in-class learning, individual study, summative and formative assessments, and both fully digital and blended learning environments.

Our story

  • 2010

    The Beginning

    The story of Algebrakit begins with a math teacher developing a computer algebra engine designed to support step-by-step problem-solving. This tool was initially offered for free on the Math4all website, a foundation dedicated to providing high-quality and free math resources in the Netherlands.

  • 2015

    Algebrakit was founded

    The innovative technology caught the attention of educational publishers in the Netherlands. To meet their demand for licensing these math capabilities for digital learning resources, Algebrakit was officially founded. A dedicated team of math and IT engineers was assembled to expand our offerings into a scalable, configurable, secure, and accessible ecosystem featuring various question types and robust content management options.


  • 2020

    Leading in the Netherlands and Belgium

    Algebrakit had become the leading provider of math technology in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our partnership with educational providers enables us to reach more than 80% of the high school student population in the region.

  • 2022

    International expansion

    Algebrakit continues its growth internationally through collaborations across Europe, Asia, and the United States. We are proud to be working with leading organizations such as Cambridge University Press and the Singapore Ministry of Education. Every new client in every new region helps us extend our range of use cases, languages, and support for various math curricula.


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