Run math interactions in your environment

Algebrakit’s API and component architecture are a natural fit for any online learning environment.  Even the most complex learning platform featuring learning analytics and player logic can easily integrate our math interactions.

Call Algebrakit’s API to initiate one or multiple new interactions for each student. The input can be a reference to a question that was authored in Algebrakit’s CMS. It can also be the specification that you created using Algebrakit’s Authoring Component.

Note: we never require any personally identifiable information.

Algebrakit responds with a unique session id, that you use to track events, progress, and results.

AlgebraKiT’s math interactions are Web Components that can be inserted into the web page. Just insert the <akit-interaction> tag wherever the question should appear.

Note: AlgebraKiT does not depend on any specific javascript framework and does not put any limitations on what framework you use.

The correct math interaction will automatically appear in the webpage, restore any previous state, accept student input and handle evaluation and feedback using AlgebraKiT’s evaluation engine.

Your frontend application can listen to any learning events that happen during this process. The results are also stored in the session, which you can retrieve any time later.

Retrieve all information collected in the session, including intermediate evaluation results, hints requested, detected mistakes, progress, and scoring results. Scoring can be configured to your needs by defining a custom scoring model.

For detailed information about integrating Algebrakit, see our technical documentation.