We believe you should be able to manage math exercises like regular content.

Most math questions contain general elements, such as exercise structure, texts, images, and metadata.  You don’t want to migrate this content to an external math system.

That’s why we support integration at the interaction level. Instead of creating complete exercises in Algebrakit (which you can do), you can choose to inject only the math-specific elements into your exercises.

Minimize impact on content management

In your software, Algebrakit-backed exercises are like any other exercise. This means that all your existing functionality, including content creation, asset management, storage, and delivery, will just work.

Combine math and non-math interactions

Multiple choice, drag-and-drop, open answer, there are so many non-math question types that are possible in an online math course. Algebrakit’s interactions work perfectly alongside any other question types. This means you don’t have to manage duplicate sets of similar question types and ensures a consistent user interface for your students.

Minimize third-party dependency

Your content is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t want to create it in an external system and get locked into a third-party platform. With Algebrakit you only rely on our technology for core mathematical elements.