Focus on

Our evaluation engine checks every input and offers hints when needed.


Detect mistakes and give meaningful feedback. Automatically.


Use scripting and random variables to create questions that are different every time.

How We improve Math Learning

Math question types

Support for all math domains, such as algebra, geometry, calculus, graphs, and statistics.

Personalized Feedback

Our world-class math engine can automatically generate scaffolds from the student’s input.

Seamless integration

Our evaluation engine and HTML5 components are designed to work behind your learning environment, giving you full control and a seamless user experience.

Source for analytics

Every question is a gold mine of data, with intermediate evaluations, detected math skills, and partial scoring.

For all students

Whether it’s language, math notation, formative feedback, or solution strategies: All didactical features are configurable to match the student’s needs.

Use Cases

Single-source publishing

Add our advanced math interactions to content you already have.

Blended learning

Offer digital added value to your paper-based learning products with ease.


Add advanced math capabilities to your assessment platform.



From basic algebra to calculus, support for multi-step problems that develop mathematical thinking.


Support for real-world problems that involve units, accuracy, and formal scientific formulas.


Interactive notebooks for written arithmetic and word problems with automatic scaffolds.

Why educational publishers love us

We know that math education requires a lot more than ‘just’ a great math engine. That’s why AlgebraKiT is designed to be part of a bigger system, to add the power of formative feedback to existing math courses and assessment systems.

Such a seamless integration goes beyond technical interfaces. AlgebraKiT tunes its engine towards the didactical approach of the resources in which it is used. This means that solution strategies, mathematical notations and language are all matched to your requirements.