Example 1: basic skills

Let students construct lines or measure distances. The question is automatically scored using author-defined criteria.

Click on the exercise to try it yourself!

Example 2: open question

In this question, the student has to construct a triangle with three equal sides. Note how the student has complete freedom to construct lines and circles. The input is automatically scored, irrespective of the size, position, or orientation of the created triangle.

Are you able to construct the equilateral triangle? Click on the exercise to activate it.

Example 3: randomization

See how the Geometry question type is used in a randomized question about reflections. Note how the line AB changes every time you refresh the page. The authors chose to display axes on squared paper. They also challenged the student to find the reflection line.

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Example 4: all tools enabled

This example has all tools and options enabled. Try creating geometric shapes.  You can also change styles and color, enable axes and squared paper, create graphs, and more.