Automated tutoring capabilities

Our math engine is designed to solve math problems the same way students do. This way, we are able to automatically generate answers, hints, error feedback, and step-by-step solutions for the authored question.

This not only saves the author a tremendous amount of work. It also means a student has more flexibility to choose their own approach to solving the problem. Algebrakit can offer hints and error feedback even for unexpected input.


Multiple student profiles

All didactic aspects such as math notation, solution strategies, hints, and error feedback, are stored in predefined student profiles. This way Algebrakit is able to behave just right for any student, whether they are in junior high in the United States or in a “Gymnasium” in Germany.


Support for complex solution models

You can combine multiple tasks to create sophisticated math problems that require mathematical modeling. Our math engine can automatically find suitable strategies to solve the problem while offering meaningful support to the student.