Math Technology In The Mix

Algebrakit supports students while freeing up teachers to focus on big concepts

Math is complex. And so is teaching it. In mathematics, how the student gets to the goal is just as important as the answer. This means that in order for students to succeed in math, they must master procedural fluency and attain deeper understanding. It’s not enough to just master the steps of solving a problem. Students must also develop reasoning skills that help them understand the big picture.

For a student to attain procedural fluency and deeper understanding, a lot of factors come together. There need to be great teachers, great textbooks, well-resourced classrooms, and a sound didactic approach. No single component can provide all the support that teachers and students need. That’s why Algebrakit has been developed as a tool that supports the existing educational environment.

We believe that our math learning tools need to empower teachers. That’s why we have designed our technical solutions to work within existing learning platforms. In fact, most teachers and students using Algebrakit don’t even know they are using Algebrakit. That’s because the powerful functionality we provide integrates seamlessly with the systems they are already using.

At Algebrakit, we take a humble approach to technology. We are fully committed to the powerful functionality we provide, but we also don’t pretend that it is a single solution to meet every educational need. Students using Algebrakit will benefit from its ability to react to their input and offer formative feedback at each step of the problem. For teachers, this frees up time to focus on the big picture, teaching important concepts and ways of reasoning which are key to mastering new mathematical subjects. For publishers, this allows well-developed learning systems to come to digital life.

Algebrakit recognizes that teachers and fellow students are essential parts of the educational ecosystem. Technology can support them by offering individual students with personalized feedback so they can master skills and learn mathematical reasoning in a way that is relevant to them. When students get stuck when working on a problem, they do not always have immediate access to support. Teacher-time is very limited and not every student has a family member who can help. Algebrakit’s technology steps in at this point, so the student can have the empowering experience of working on a problem and figuring it out on their own.

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The best math technology adds value to the existing educational ecosystem while supporting teachers. Are you ready to experience the next-level math capabilities of Algebrakit? Get in contact and we’ll schedule a live demo just for you.