Algebrakit’s Authoring Tool Provides Your Math Students With Limitless Practice

All skills are mastered through practice. And it’s no different with mathematics. Students need time and opportunity to learn how to apply mathematical procedures when solving multi-step mathematical problems. But many math platforms are limited to predefined collections of math problems. Once the student has worked through the available problems, there’s no way for them to continue building their confidence using their new math strategies. Algebrakit addresses this issue through its powerful authoring tool. Instead of creating a small set of problems with predefined answers, the authoring tool allows you to set up different kinds of problems, and then it takes over, giving students limitless opportunities to practice.

Define an exercise type once, and let Algebrakit do the rest

Let’s look at an example of polynomial equations. In the authoring tool, you can specify the equation you want the students to solve. So, let’s say we want a quadratic equation that can be solved by factoring. You do this by defining an interaction, in this case a specific type of quadratic equation with one variable.

Defining the interaction in the Algebrakit authoring tool
Algebrakit will show the author the expected solution for this particular variation of the quadratic equation.

The generated solution in the authoring tool

Now let’s look at what happens when a student solves this equation. In the image below, you can see that the student got the first three steps correct. But then they ran into a problem. Algebrakit alerts the student with instant feedback and even explains what they did wrong. Take a minute to appreciate how powerful this is. While most math engines can only alert students to errors after they submit their final answer, Algebrakit is with the student step-by-step providing contextual feedback and hints to get them back on the right track.

Limitless practice and contextual help when the student needs it.

Algebrakit generates hints and feedback for students as they work through a problem. And this formative feedback is essential to keep students moving forward. As Algebrakit generates everything on the fly, it is easy to change this question into a randomized one. Every variation generated by Algebrakit requires the same skills and has the same level of difficulty. Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself!

In the exercise below, we have defined a quadratic equation as described above. Take a look at the equation and then refresh this page.

There’s a new exercise! And this isn’t coming from a finite collection of problems. Instead, Algebrakit is creating a new problem each time. The implications are huge. This means that you can provide students working on your math platform the opportunity to keep practicing until they master a skill. In the authoring tool, you define how many variations of a question type will be displayed and how many randomized questions students are presented with.Their confidence and mastery will improve, and so will the reputation of your math platform as student results soar.

How does Algebrakit integrate with your math platform?

Algebrakit resources and interaction types work within your existing content
Thanks to Algebrakit’s API, you can integrate interactive math exercises like these with your existing content. Algebrakit works seamlessly behind the scenes to provide rich interactive learning for your math students. You can drop math resources and interaction types into your existing content and you’re ready to roll. Student results are available for you instantly, as well as a goldmine of data analytics about student behavior. Thanks to our authoring tool, you won’t have to worry about limited problem libraries. Define interaction types instead, and let Algebrakit crank out new exercises automatically.

Practice makes perfect

Harness the power of Algebrakit’s AI math engine to create a richer and more productive learning environment for your students. They will spend less time feeling frustrated and more time engaged in meaningful learning with limitless practice and contextual hints and feedback.

Interested in more?

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