Some Of The Best Math Platforms Use Algebrakit. Here’s Why.

Algebrakit is a sophisticated math engine that works behind the scenes on some of the best math learning platforms in the world. Companies like Infinitas Learning, die Keure, and Learnbeat use our API to provide intelligent math exercises that react to student input. But you’ll never see us on their websites. Why? Because our AI system is fully integrated with their platforms and existing content. Some of the best learning websites use our randomized exercise creation and automated feedback to dramatically improve the student experience.

Algebrakit can handle anything from simple arithmetic to statistics and even calculus. Are you interested in adding interactive math problems to your learning platform? Here are three reasons Algebrakit might be right for you.

1. A growing library of ready-to-use problems

From day one, you will be able to choose from thousands of ready-made exercises across all math subjects. Using them can be as easy as selecting an exercise and dropping it into your website. But if you’re a power user, Algebrakit offers you the flexibility to tweak problems just the way you want them.

Easily view exercises and create reference codes to use on your site.

2. Math problems without the problems

Algebrakit’s authoring tool is powerful and flexible. It is designed to give you complete control as you create interactive math content for your site. Once you have set up an exercise, it can be randomized to provide students with limitless opportunities for mastering new skills. And Algebrakit goes way beyond simply correcting student work. At each stage of an exercise, Algebrakit’s AI engine is able to provide contextual hints when students need help. This is a crucial feature for students who may not have easy access to in-face instruction from a teacher.

With hints and feedback at every stage of the exercise, students using your Algebrakit-enabled platform will spend less time feeling frustrated and will get the help they need to master new skills.

Whether you are looking to add interactive learning to your existing online platform or are looking for a way to add blended learning to your print-based materials, Algebrakit is flexible enough to meet your needs.

3. Algebrakit is all about you.

Every student interaction is a rich source of analytics that you will have access to. And with Algebrakit, the content that’s created is always yours. Your content is one of your most valuable assets. You don’t want to create it in an external system and get locked into a third-party platform. With Algebrakit you only rely on our technology for core mathematical elements.

Want to learn more about how Algebrakit can meet your needs?

Contact us and we can discuss how Algebrakit can bring interactive math learning and formative assessment to your math platform. If you’re looking for math problems without the problems, we can help.