Presenting Algebrakit Practice™ – A Powerful Tool For Math Educators

Algebrakit is pleased to announce the release of a new tool designed specially for math teachers. Algebrakit Practice™ is based on the most powerful math engine available today. It allows teachers to create practice assignments for their students in a large variety of math subjects. It is as easy as selecting subjects and levels of difficulty and entering your email address. Algebrakit Practice™ will send a shareable link that teachers can send to their students. When students click the link they are brought to a page that gives them opportunity to practice just the subjects that the teacher selected. No identifiable data about students is stored on the Algebrakit server. Instead, the teacher receives a link that allows them to see student work.

How to use Algebrakit Practice™

  • Select your subjects and level of difficulty
  • Enter your email address
  • Share the link with your students

This powerful tool is available free of charge because Algebrakit is committed to supporting math education and providing tools that empower teachers and support students as they study math. Algebrakit Practice™ is available in nine different regions. When a region is selected, language, units, and measurement all change automatically. The interface is responsive and adjusts automatically to desktop, mobile, and tablet viewing. The intuitive calculator makes it easy for students to enter their work. And with Algebrakit’s powerful math engine, students receive hints, formative feedback, and instant scoring. Since all math problems are generated by the Algebrakit math engine, new problems are generated automatically so students can keep practicing until they’ve mastered a new skill.

An intuitive calculator helps students work through problems.

Algebrakit’s math engine is used by some of the best online publishers in the world. This is the first time that the powerful functionality of Algebrakit’s math engine has been made available to individual math educators. According to Algebrakit founder, Martijn Slob, “I started out as a math teacher. And I still feel that our top priority is empowering math educators. Our hope is that all math teachers can take advantage of Algebrakit Practice™ to help students focus on reasoning and master math skills.”

See it in action! Try out Algebrakit Practice™ by clicking on the link below:

Click here to try Algebrakit Practice™

Interested in more?

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